Wednesday, June 8, 2011

iron ore! alderon resource?

next investor lunch event 2day ~ alderon resource ~ my promising iron ore play from labrador (quebec / canada) ... why the hell iron ore? thats why!

china needs steel, a lot of steel! just in case you havent your calculator by hand, the difference between left and right picture is 20 years, not more, not less ... its as easy as that, iron ore :-)

well, i own already few shares since the encanto potash presentation in october when i just bought alderon res + alexco silver straight from daniels list without knowing any more than the name and a sentence or two abt their bussines/prospects ... btw, despite the crazy 2008-like mining market correction in the last few weeks, alexco is still +44% and alderon +50% since then :-)

iron ore projects are really easy to evaluate, u know? well, there should be some iron in the ground and then you need only 3 more things:

electric power + railway + port

alderon has all of them ;-) .... hmmmmm, a future many-bagger, isnt it?

ps: if u still have some money, take a look at alderons major shareholder, altius minerals (ALS.TO) as well. its a royalty company which reminds me on globex mining. why? prolly cos of the similarly few shares outstanding and similar business model. of course, globex is more early stage ie higher risk involved + higher returns in case of success ...

pps: do u still remember alderon's labrador neighbors cap-ex ventures? theyve been 2 munich 2 or 3 weeks ago ...

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jaro gruber said...

#jarobuys few more shares 2day ... the stock was among those where i would like to increase my position and already +9% 2day, so i jumped in in a hurry in order not to miss some major move. final quote 2day? +10%

good luck, alderon, good luck :-)