Saturday, September 17, 2011

lake maisinger see

addendum june, 16th 2013: the bathing season for this year opened, finally :-)
what a nice day at maisinger see, my favorite bavarian lake + beergarden :-)

well, the most folks in munich went to the oktoberfest which just started 2day, we have prefered to spent a day at  a nearby moor lake (marsh lake?). it was warm like a bathtub, my dear ... it is difficult 2 believe we have passed the middle of september yet :-)

water, sun, beer, food ... we do not really need much more, do we? btw, the beer garden at maisinger see  is a real insiders' tip when you are looking for tasty food (yummy, yummy chars! [~saibling]) and different types of bavarian beer from small nearby breweries which u cant get in the mass market addicted  grocery shop chains. 

well, after the long winters i do always forget how is that small lake called/written and where to find it, so lets be more clever this time and lets post a google map as well => just go to 'red A' between the two munich's big lakes close 2 pöcking:

of course, there are even more pictures (10) in my picasa album ... and 20 additional pics from our visit a week later, enjoy them as well :-)

ADDENDUM july 1st, 2012: folks, do you like to see also some other lakes? easy, just follow the link to my blog post about the (ugly) lake germering (germeringer see) where i have started a link library to interesting lakes in the munich area: here we go ~ enjoy :-)

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