Wednesday, September 14, 2011

robert betz ~ wanna be normal or happy?


just attended a presentation by robert betz with my esoteric wife + eldest daughter ... afterwards we spent some time talking abt our family in a nearby bar ....

do u think this guy was happy in his lifetime? at least he seems to be happy to stay in the hall in front of the herkules hall in munich's residenz, where the event took place ... 

well, ive fallen asleep in the first few minutes (while hearing the first of 3 meditation songs), but wake up short afterwards as a visitor wanted to pass forward through my place ... well, robert mentioned some interesting ideas/concepts ...  LOVE is the major principle + solution 4 the future :-)
  • the current awakening of consciousness all over the world
  • doomsday 2012 ~ a new beginning for happier + honest + conscious world
  • everyone is responsible for his/her own health + happiness, not the world or the others
  • are you happy if you wake up in the morning and have to go 2 your work?
  • dont carry a backpack of problems from your life (childhood, school, work, ...) with you into the presence and future
  • add quality 2 your life (food, clothes, spare time, ...)
  • love yourself + your body
  • sex ~ of course, sex is important ... but it was too much + too stupid 4 my taste
  • olive oil ~ he sells not only his books + videos, but also olive oil from his greek farm
  • LOVE is the major principle + solution 4 the future (both in private and business life :-)
    more insights? .... coming soon or never :-)

    the 2nd relaxation song was from secret garden, but a different one :-)

    is there also a call 4 awakening from the musicians all over the world?

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