Thursday, September 15, 2011

excelsior mining

an interesting investor lunch 2day ...
(stolen from aka source of this heaven & hell picture:

why interesting? well, ive finally understood what in-situ recovery means. on top i could even understand how it works as the excelsior CEO explained that well how they are gonna 2 get all that damned copper out of the desert in arizona that even the dumbest idiot in place (~me) got it, u see? they simply wash it out with water. it is as easy as that, my dear ... btw, thats also the 1st idea i would think of when in the middle of a freaking desert, u2? well, there is also some more sophisticated explanation on their website abt that in-situ stuff, but dont waste your time on that, i will repeat it for u again:
  1. make some holes in the ground
  2. put some water + acid into that holes
  3. wash copper out
  4. separate the copper from water and sell it as expensive as possible. amen!
u wanna know what to do with all that water left? who cares? u can water the desert, flood the hell, drink it, use it again in order 2 wash out additional copper, make beer + whiskey + tasty cocktails out of it, whatever u like ;-). damn, dont bother me with stupid questions like that! ask better when are they going to make a bunch of money for their shareholders and make me rich  ...

folks, u still remember my beautiful copper coin, dont u? well, thats the coin ive won in a bet at excelsior's booth @ PDAC in toronto, u know?

OMG, im just thinking abt how many copper explorers / producers i do already have in my portfolio ... excelsior mining, catalyst copper, baja mining, novagold, andover ventures, donner metals, altona mining, rio alto mining, tiger resources, 1st quantum minerals, amerigo resources, xstrata, vale, rio tinto, bhp billiton, ... and guess what? all of them performed badly this year. shame on them! of course, im both 2 stupid + 2 lazy in order 2 make a YTD performance table out of these funny names, but u guys could do it + send it 2 me, couldnt u?

well, there was also some stuff like ....
  • how much copper in the ground they have
  • how cheap are they gonna 2 produce it cos of that in-situ processing (below $1 per pound as they dont have 2 move any rock out of the ground)
  • environmental issues
  • when are they going 2 do all that permitting, financing, building of processing facilities (im not going 2 call that a mine), how long the mine life could be, ...
  • when theyll start production (in 2014)
  • etc
anything else? coming soon or never ;=)

go copper go!

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