Wednesday, September 28, 2011

commodity conference

the 7th commodity conference organized by cm-equity took place in munich's best hotel bayerischer hof 2day as the commodity markets collapsed again ... silver -7%, copper -6%, oil -3%, gold -3%, tin -5%, coffee -3%, ... OMG :-(

well, there were few companies and 2 presentations, few old friends, some new folks and yes, only very very few of all these folks were shocked or concerned abt the disastrous development of commodities and mining stocks in the last week (my stocks on average more than 30% down i guess). u know what does it mean, dont u? of course, these folks are not (significantly) invested in the commodity markets ... how the hell can the commodity & mining stock markets go up if noone invest in them? hmmmmm .... the crashy 2008 is knocking on hells door, isnt it? so, who showed up?
  • energold drilling ~ the well known shovel sellers who make money even if the miner doesnt ... of course, they didnt forget 2 mention their partner impact silver ... it didnt help much: energold is -3% and impact is -13% today, my poor portfolio, OMG!
  • st. elias mines ~ what a drunken CEO! she was prolly at the oktoberfest before her speach, i cant tell ya if their inka gold property in peru is worth a closer look 
  • gianni kovacevic ~ a great presentation abt cop-copp-copper and cycles in the business & financial world ~ im gonna learn more abt gianni + abt his (and my!) mali based gold explorer legend gold + etc etc ... well, his website doesnt tell much
  • zimtu capital ~ holding company in mining sector ~ in my portfolio since april 2009
  • south boulder ~ my struggling potash explorer in eritrea
  • CuOro resources ~ interersting colombian early stage copper story ... if i had any money i would prolly buy few shares, but i havent ;-(
  • ronald stoeferle ~ in gold we trust ~ presentation

anything else? coming soon or never :-)

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