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doug casey / casey research

doug casey (source: the daily bell)

a great, great, great interview with libertarian perspective on gold, money, economy, politics, corruption, 9/11, osama bin laden, freedom, liberty, prosperity, ron paul, investing, mankind, ...

done & published by the daily bell on september 4, 2011 (~a really hard stuff, takes some time 2 read it, but its soooooo important 2 know => enjoy it anyway :-)

and yes, doug also invests in junior mining companies, like me  ;-)

I didn’t coin the phrase “Greater Depression,” that was Doug Casey, my partner; and I think Doug had it exactly right. I think, you know, there has been so much of a, as I’ve said, this sort of rising tide of bad policy and extreme spending and a takeover of the economy – and not just the US economy, but all of the economies by these governments, the nation-states – that things have reached the point, people tend to think that things are going to stay the same and continue as they are, but they don’t. Sooner or later, history shows over and over again, things break, systems break, and I think we are very close to that. There is never a good time to fix this kind of a problem. So politicians will always make the choice to not actually address the problem, but rather to leave it to the next person’s watch. This isn’t – this would be a horrible time, absolutely a horrible time to fix the problems that face the American economy. Slashing the deficit, slashing the debt, slashing the government spending at this point would have catastrophic consequences to the average person. There would be riots in the street; but if you don’t fix it now, when do you fix it? Okay, well, do you fix it in the next year? No. Do you fix it the year after? The government will do whatever it can to keep pushing this down the road, but they can’t push it down the road much further. ~ david galland, managing director @

addendum january 4th, 2012: doug casey on north korea's baby kim ...
hi friends, ive subscribed for casey research newsletter some time ago and of course dont have enough time to read it, but 2day ive just opened the current copy and couldnt stop reading it until finished 

what does it mean? easy, if u are a hard core fan of econopolitics just open this link and read abt north korea's baby kim, iran, ron paul, education, freedom, prosperity, danger for peace coming out of u.s. army / u.s. government, gold, gold stocks, etc

all other folks just skip the issue 

addendum january 5th, 2012: when is the right time to leave the USA?

folks, before i share a link to doug's next nice2read + really interesting econopolitics interview, i will tell ya his views are not 100% my perspective. why not? well, instead of leaving the sinking ship i would rather repair & fix it, u know? imho is the current almost worldwide #OccupyWallStreet movement the best possible outcry for real democracy and a sustainable life in peace, we shouldnt miss that chance ... and yes, there is still that ron paul 4 president 2012 chance #2 issue

motto: love it, change it or leave it

Doug Casey Addresses Getting Out of Dodge - Casey Research

last but not least, an interesting interview with dough casey (even if i didn't like the noisy place he was interviewed in and completely disliked dough's opinion on uranium which is IMHO really really dangerous and expensive if all costs were billed to the electric power companies instead of taxpayers):

go gold bugs go and lets crash the fraudulent paper money system NOW

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