Tuesday, November 15, 2011

andover ventures

next investor lunch 2day => a nice update on operations again ... hell, next time im going 2 post an andover ventures picture, promised ... will prolly have 2 steal one from companys website, haha :-)

there is not everything fine at andover cos they didnt put their trixie mine into production this year as theyve promised, buuuuut there is such a great perspective and such a nice shareholder structure (directors + insiders own biggest part of the company so lets hope they will act as owners and not as managers ;-) that ive bought all my andover shares back i had to sell during my margin calls horror in september/october and even few more => im glad to carry a bigger line of andover shares than ever before 

go gold bugs go  ... and silver, copper, zinc bugs as well, of course ...
btw, here u can read my insight on andover from their former investor event(s)

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