Saturday, November 19, 2011

THRIVE - What on earth will it take?

source of the picture? the #OccupyBerlin group on facebook 

source of the picture and of the sooo great 2h documentation abt the 'new worl order' i.e. abt the control of everything by very very few:

enjoy the video and yes, make sure you have 2 hours time to watch it, imho it is 100% worth the time spent :-)
Introduction to Thrive [0:01] 
Bringing the code to light [7:50] 
Crop circles [25:21] 
Free energy [33:26]
Investigating where the money comes from [43:15] 
Medical Association [46:52]  
Corporatocracy [52:24] 
Fractional reserve lending [54:39]  
Federal Reserve [57:11]  
Discovering the world's domination plans [1:09:36] 
Eugenics [1:33:56]  
Creating Solutions [1:38:42]
btw, here is a new link to a 2nd recording of the same movie as 'they' seem to take the uploads down from youtube ;-( thrive (german translation) on youtube 

well, there are more movies & movements like that, so pls awake and join one of them in order to bring the power back to the people and bring sustainable future for our poor overexploited planet as well. my top 2 suggestions?

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