Monday, November 7, 2011

endeavour silver (TSX: EDR)

a nice update on endeavour silver's operations at their investor lunch event in munich 2day ... well, there is everything fine at endeavour (=one of my top 5 portfolio positions by current $$ value):
  • rising silver production from their 2 producing mines in mexico
  • falling cash costs (only $5.53 per ounce of silver)
  • rising cash flow
  • huuuge exploration program
  • no debt
  • and yes, 2011 is the very 1st year endeavour is going to make an overall profit. how did they manage to become a $1billion company by losing money each year? well, ive told ya before mining is a strange business, didnt i?
  • what abt dividends? well, they dont pay any yet, maybe next year, who knows? and yes, there was an metal 'dividend' this time, just look how pretty 1 oz Ag can be:
pls decide by yourself whats head whats tail, my dear ;-)
yep, the coin is different than the one from last 'dividend', isnt it?

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