Sunday, November 6, 2011

precious metals fair in munich

munich, new city hall

a great event, as always :-)
  • day zero ~ a passion lounge with zimtu capital in the office of cm equity group in the very center of munich ~ of course ive welcomed the chance 2 walk a little bit through the streets of munich and yes, after 20+ years in munich ive visited the city hall's tower for the very 1st time (shame on me, i know) ~ city hall pictures 
  • day 1 ~ the key speaker 2day was (billionaire + gold bug) eric sprott ~ sooo many booths of sooo many companies fighting for attention of investors + newsletter writers ~ many busy bullion dealers have sold sooooo much (physical!) gold + silver i believe ~ low quality fast food in between ~ many interesting presentations (at 3 stages) ~ coin dealer's pro aurum reception in the evening
  • day 2 ~ the key speaker was james turk, ive visited also few other presentations and talked to the company representatives of my portfolio's stocks i didnt manage to on the 1st day :-)
miranda gold's CEO ken cunnigham + me ... btw, miranda is my oldest (still independent) stock in my portfolio, currently struggling like hell ;-(

few more pictures from the gold+silver+commodities show? just move here + enjoy

any investment ideas? well i will prolly post few comments abt some companies ive been impressed most (and bought few shares) when i will have some time to do so and link that stories in the list below. do u agree, my dear?
  • amerigo resources ~ soooo undervalued, profitable, dividend paying chile based Cu+Mo company
  • baha mining ~ they havent been at the show, i just spoke to a buddy of mine abt them :-)
  • cap-ex ventures ~ bad, bad timing ~ 3 weeks ago was the price justr 1/3 of 2days level :-(
  • colt resources ~ tungsten + gold in portugal, a rob mcewen company
  • dynasty metals & mining ~ highly recomended by one of the magazines out there
  • endeavour silver ~ one of my all-time-favorites
  • equitas resources ~ copper, copper, copper ... btw, by my purchase of few stocks on day zero (wednesday) ive increased the value of the company by CAD 500,000 ... yep, i was the only buyer and moved the stock price 10% higher  ... hmmmm, strange junior mining stocks ;-)
  • 1st majestic silver ~ 
  • focus metals ~ graphite & graphene in canada
  • focus minerals ~ my dear australian cannibals
  • gogold resources ~ bad, bad timing ~ yesterday was the stock CAD 1.33 (ask price) but i hadnt any money on my account, today CAD 1.54 :-(
  • orex minerals ~ new project of orko silvers mngmt
  • ovoca gold ~ gold in russia
  • rio alto mining ~ gold in peru
  • rye patch gold ~ gold in nevada, highly recomended by one of the magazines out there
  • scorpio mining ~ my biggest portfolio position
  • tamaka gold ~ private company, going to go publich in late december / early january
  • etc

btw, i didnt get a picture with the key speaker this time (canadian billionaire eric sprott) cos i didnt like to wait for a break between his countless interviews  ... and yes, billionaires are fellows like you and me, they just patiently answer questions and try to explain their attitude 

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