Tuesday, November 15, 2011

#jarosells oil => pays taxes => #jarobuys vale + bhp billiton + rio tinto

what's the advantage of long blog titles? there is not much to add later on :-)

folks, please don't think the oil price is gonna collapse ... i would rather hold my trade till the end of january, but i couldn't ... well, my call option (call warrant) expired yesterday, so the goldman sachs guys sold it close to the daily low @ 3.50 €uros i think (brent oil was $113 per barrel yesterday) ... it is nice to be an emitter & market maker at one time, isn't it?

anyway, my trade from late march 2009 on brent oil and strike price $90 is 2.6 times the initial amount, so i've managed to make 160% profit on that thinny position ... unfortunately, the all-time-high for that paper was 4.82 €uros (probably when the oil price was $125 in april), so there could be even more money made, but i've somehow waited for a temporary (news driven) price spike which didn't come in the last 2 years  ... my dear, don't worry, i've one more open oil option, my bigger and less aggressive paper oil which runs one more year (till 11/12/2012) and has a strike price of only $70 (currently +117%) ...

why did i buy all these 3 major commodity producers and not any pennystocks this time? well, i just thought my always underfunded account will enjoy their fat dividends ;-)
  • vale (Companhia Vale do Rio Doce) ~ brasilian iron ore producer
  • bhp billiton ~ british/australian iron ore, coal, oil, base metals, potash etc producer
  • rio tinto ~ british/australian aluminium, copper, iron ore etc producer
as u can easily see, i've stolen (=source) that picture from my canadian oil explorer donnybrook 

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