Friday, November 25, 2011

xmas salary => xmas shopping => GOLD & SILVER companies

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next money withdrawn out of the banking system and placed in my 'savings column' ... well, my badly awaited extra salary will arrive at my account next wednesday, but my shopping is done already ... i simply couldnt resist the SALE prices all over the mining stocks board . folks, thats was my xmas shopping list 2day:
  • silver wheaton ~ bottom fishing 
  • new pacific metals ~ gold / silver in yukon / canada ~ company run by silvercorp's mngmt
  • jaguar mining ~ just bought more below $7 ~ the chinese take-over offer is @ $9.30
  • minaurum gold ~ my idea from this years precious metals fair
  • new dawn mining ~ gold in zimbabwe ~ yep, im gonna support the economy there and withraw all money from south africa instead cos i somehow feel theyre on the way to destroy their own country as rhodesia did 3 decades ago (the former switzerland of africa, pls dont google it, they have a new name and a still very sad present now, its simply too sad)
so lets balance my investing account next week 
go gold bugs go and lets crash the fraudulent paper money system NOW 

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Anonymous said...

Meine derzeitige Auswahl:)

Barrick Gold
High River Gold
Pan African Resources
Revett Minerals
Great Basin Gold
Dynasty Metalls and Mining
Connacher Oil and Gas

alles KGV um 10 oder deutlich drunter oder Übernahmespekulation

Grüße Andreas

freundlich grüßend sub