Wednesday, October 3, 2012

blog-zug = blog train = blogger community, blog-tags

blog-zug is dead, long live blog-tags, a different blogger community site. ... blogtags / blog-tag 
bloggers of all nations UNITE 😄
source of the picture + community website: blog-zug dot com

friends, i'm just experimenting with new (german?) blogger community website blog-zug. why? well, communities are good as we can find friends, help each other, share information + ideas + much more :-)

btw, the community's forum link is here and if you are already a community member, you will probably enjoy also this coupon: BLOG-ZUG.COM-SCHOENER-SONN-TAG-0 
damn, let's give that community a chance, wouldn't you say? and yes, there are usually some 500+ people online most of the day and probably 200 even late at night and yes again, if i do show up there ('ride the train' or use the forum) the site generates quite significant traffic to my blog (15-20%). let's see if there are also some like minded and similarly interested bloggers who will visit my blog regularly like i have subscribed to two members' politics oriented blogs ... well, beside google reader, google+, twitter, facebook etc. it is the next nice platform for your blog as well, isn't it? of course, i have also a blog-zug profile.

go blog-zug train go :o)

addendum october 8, 2012: today's highlight from our blogger-community:

not a too high level, but sooooo funny and yes, so true :-). source? the 'Someone like you' blog here

addendum november 12th, 2012: strange my dears, i have made it into the hall of fame (30,000 points) today. you know what? these blog-zug blogger community really works as designed as my blog has got approximately 30% more readers in the last few weeks than usually, in october there have been 4,049 readers ... ehhhm, clicks, of course :-)

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