Monday, October 29, 2012

auer = ora => yep, we are in south tyrol :-)

auer (ora) in south tyrol (südtirol / alto adige)

finally, the decision is there: no lucerne / pilatus / heidelberg / halle / köln / spokane / st. petersburg and the like. we go to south tyrol tomorrow, a place just 3 hours away where the sun and my tax money already are :-). there are not many places in europe with nice and warm weather the next few days, you know?

hotel elefant, source of the picture + our stay in south tyrol
auer = ora
südtirol = alto adige = south tyrol
bier = birra = beer
wein = vino = wine

omg, the people are everywhere the same, i think, cheers :-)

south tyrol is not about wine only. anyway, we've enjoyed our time in a local wine cellar in auer

south tyrol

some stories / insights will prolly follow later. you know what? i have commented the most pictures, the'll tell you the story ~ enjoy ~ g+ photo album

the most strange perception in south tyrol? unlike malaysia / thailand few weeks ago, in tyrol do the locals eat the same food + drink the same beer / wine as they serve to tourist. funny, isn't it?


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