Sunday, October 20, 2013

tegernseer hütte

muscle hangover after 1 day at tegernseer hütte reached from parking lot klamm / winterstube which is the easier way up :-)
all directions to and from tegernseer hütte: HERE

i've pre-selected few pictures for you, below you will find a link to the rest of the published pictures ... i will sort / describe and delete the 'double shots' tomorrow or later this week ...

tegernseeer hütte, behind the buchstein peak, 1701m
buchsteinhütte approx. 1250m
tegernseer beer :)

naked on tour

heavy on tour .. and also happy, my dears ;o)
freezy on tour

my complete hiking tour in pictures: g+ album

just in case you still don't know what tegernsee is, it is a name of a bavarian lake which looks from its eastern bank like that:
source of this one + more tegernsee + achensee pictures 

well, my hiking season is probably over. next time see ya at skiing, my dear mountains. will you wait for me that long?

anything else? coming soon or never :)

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