Saturday, October 19, 2013

think global, act local

you don't know how? it is easy, my dears. there are ten thousands small and big issues out there which improve the world. just try few of them :-)

trial #1: i have planted 4 golden acacia trees which i have grown up from seeds in the nearby forest and i still have two more for later this year or for next year. two live already in 'freedom' since last autumn, but one struggling a lot as they cut all bushes at the nearby supermarket, so i'm not sure it will survive ... the other one is fine and growing :)
good-bye flower pot + hello forest, the new home for my sweet little babes
shall the local ghosts take care of my small trees? will they?

trial #2: let's support local businesses ~ ok, just visited friend's hot stone massage around the corner
this beauty is not me, of course. source of the picture: here

trial #3: what about my next trial for the idea 'grow food, not lawn'? of course organic and for sure no GMO / monsanto 'supported' stuff :-)
chili, eatable, i've already tried it => so hot :-)

trial #4: help others
our hedgehog winter hotel, catering starts in december :)

trial #5: an interesting social project in germany, where people can interact together in open spaces using a multifunctional cube shape it to different things like bridge, bench, children playing ground etc. WIRFEL (like würfel aka cube in german)

trial #6, .... #10,000: coming soon or never :o)

btw, the g+ album with the pictures is here 

ok, there is also some good on bigger scale as well: enjoy this examples

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