Wednesday, October 23, 2013

vampirestat ~ the evil connection?

what the hell is and who the hell knows it? well, the most all-time- 'readers' of my blog were redirected from this site but you know what? my blog is not linked there and i can't find my blog there even if i try to do so.

well, i'm a friend / follower of of vampirestat on FB and g+ (facebook and google+). but let be honest, if that would be the connection, all readers would visit my blog from facebook's or google's website and not from vamirestat, wouldn't they?

just to show you how vampirestat appears, enjoy 3 pictures. damn, is a site like that a source of interest my political OWS + save the world blog could attract readers from?


source of the pictures: website and the g+ profile of here

strange world, isn't it? any ideas out there, my dear bloggosphere?

addendum: a sites (or program) like this is called a spambot, a site which sends automated emails or tries automatically to connect to other websites, accounts, crack passwords and the like. in case of vampirestat they probably only try to attract bloggers to their like a blogger utility (statistics) looking site and hope to make money via the diverse ads contained on the site ... hmmmm, also a working business model, isn't it? you can find more information in this great blog post (in german):

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