Friday, October 4, 2013

lebensimpulse ~ life impulses

is this an off-topic post or really an OccupyWallStreet (OWS) + ChangeTheWorld post? if you asked me, it is an example how to step out from our current monetary system and step into a beautiful i help you + you help me world without any government, surveillance, wars, taxes ... and yes, after many many different steps like this in many many different issues we can hopefully leave the current financial-military-system as an empty cover behind us ... step by step :)

well, my sweet wife anna started some 2 or 3 years ago a spiritual circle of people called lebensimpulse (life impulses). this open group of like-minded folks meets once a month and listens to a presentation / seminar about topics out of the areas of healing, esoterism, spirituality etc prepared by one of them. that events are always for free and only people who can and want to pay 5 €uros to cover the costs of the meeting room. damn, what does it mean? that's easy! everyone gets / learns something, no one pays taxes, no one supports the current military-financial system and the like. great, isn't it? i think it is a really nice way to learn + share + help + organize a circle of friends whereby everyone profits in some way. the lecturer often wins few clients for his / her business, the others learn new, all together have a great time and most of the folks visit a nearby restaurant afterwards in order to speak further about this and that ...

today there was a great presentation about aura surgery (aurachirurgie) by astrid schmid. astrid is a healer and a coach who helps you to find YOUR OWN WAY OF YOUR LIFE, not the way your parents, community, mainstream media, government, school, church & Co. are forcing you to live ... sounds complicated, but it is easy if you start to believe in yourself, my dears :-). and yes, if astrid's karma pattern demonstration on me worked fine, i will hopefully never ever fear doctors + injections :-) 
god loves you, no matter which one ... source: astrid's facebook page

my dears, in case you didn't know, the spiritual people also want to create a better world, a much better than the current. unlike we occupiers who try to change the world by demonstrating against the system, they think everyone should change by himself / herself and the world will change as a result. well, it is also true and we have to see how long will it take, but what about joining our hearts & minds & power in order to fight together for the good and install it wherever possible?

last but not least, my save the world link library

anything else? coming soon or never :)
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