Thursday, October 31, 2013


home sweet home? not really mine, but of my parents and thus an area i like soooo much even if zips (spis) is since centuries so poor ...the former mines (copper, iron ore, silver, gold, quicksilver) are closed, the forests + fields don't provide enough outcome for the people here ... so sad, my dear einsiedel an der göllnitz aka mnisek nad hnilcom

hot, my youngest daughter knows :-) ... and 2 years ago we visited also an old disused shoemaker's house with even much older oven + shoemaker's tools (einsiedel pictures in the middle part of that thinny album)
spitzenberg, there used to be a golden cross on top before ...
all saints? yep, let's visit the cemetery + evangelic church (waldfriedhof einsiedel)
an orb? a ghost? both?
R.I.P dear grandparents

catholic church
fire depertment house
former house of my father's family
former house of my mother's family, the 2nd last one at the end of the village
adios sweet göllnitz valley
the other side of the mountain ~ the south ~ the conifers are gone, leaf trees came :-)
castle krasna horka after the fire (approximately 1 year ago, before fire here)

enjoy more pictures here and let's go back to the valley centre göllnitz and then back my birth city of kosice, the european city of culture 2013

ps: i think i have made some better quality pictures last time. i hope i will have some time to find them in my computer and upload few of them instead the current ones ... but you know, to keep my memories alive also bad quality pictures are good enough :-)

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