Tuesday, October 1, 2013

occupy octoberfest

#jarooocupies octoberfest / oktoberfest, part 1. no comments needed, are they?

occupy octoberfest or just united for global change and real democracy now? (echte demokratie jetzt ~ EDJ)

just in case you thought oktoberfest is about beer, you were wrong. oktoberfest is about décolleté.

day two:

bavaria. i've told her to take care on me today and yes, she did. i was fine all evening long :o)
poor bavaria, she has to watch guys like these two fellows all day ...

after wiesn party in a nearby disco / bar

source: here
an unknown beauty ~ you still remember what octoberfest is about?

more pictures (tomorrow or the like ;-)

last year's oktoberfest

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