Monday, October 28, 2013

silver city ~ UNESCO heritage Schemnitz (Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia)

UNESCO heritage silver city Schemnitz aka Selmecbánya aka Şelmec Ban'a aka Banská Štiavnica.
after visiting the centre of the central slovakian region, the gold + silver city neusohl aka besztercebánya aka neosolium aka Banská Bystrica few years ago and the gold city kremnitz aka Körmöcbánya aka Kremnica in 2007 and 2015 (pictures), this time we managed to spent few hours in the silver city Banská Štiavnica. well, enjoy few pictures first ... and read my blahblah if any later on. or better go to wikipedia to read more about the celts, germans, hungarians and slovaks and of course about the hills metals which all together shaped this beautiful region, will you? wiki banska stiavnica anyway, i will ask you 3 simple questions 
  1. when and where was gunpowder used for the first time in the world in a mine?
  2. when and where was the first technical university in the world established?
  3. how many inhabitants have had banska stiavnica in 1782 as the 3rd biggest city in the kingdom of hungary (today approximately 10,000)?
do not cheat, my dears, just put your answers as comments to this blog post below :-)
hell? no, just a silver mine
main square looking downhill
main square looking uphill
zoom, zoom :-)
the old castle
the new castle

as always, you can find more pictures in my g+ album

just to show you the difference, a gold mine looks like that:
kremnitz, 2007

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