Tuesday, December 31, 2013

my performance in the financial markets in 2013

what about my performance in the financial markets in 2013? let's forget (=burn) 2013 and let's hope for (=create) a better 2014, my dears ...
source: event concerning jörg bergstedt's workshop about activism against monsanto, GMO & Co.

you probably remember that already 2012 was a disaster, but 2013 was a nightmare, you know? it looks like my mostly gold + silver + other commodities stocks in my investmen account declined by 212,000 euros in 2013 and in my trading account i've lost about 3,300 euros. omg, omg, omg :-((
i will collect the proper data next week when i'll get the yearly reports from my brokers. i think it will be worse than that because i've put also a lot of new money into my investment account this year which isn't considered in plain comparison of the year-end-values 2012 vs. 2013 ... and yes, let's hope 2013 has thought me something valuable ... 

well, all the losses happened (as in 2012) mainly because the real world out there did not fit to my believes about the world, economy, markets and i was not able to trade what i have seen instead of what i have believed :-(

just my trading account issues were a little bit different this year. because of too much work in my office job i simply had no time to think about the markets or to follow them, so i just bought some commodity CFDs (mostly oil) when i had a free second and immediately placed a stop-loss-order. the next time i had some time i visited my trading platform again and looked up what happened to my position(s). sometimes i had luck and my item was up, so i could move my stop-loss-order to protect the gain. unfortunately, mostly was my position down and the trade was cancelled as the stop-loss-level was hit. but there was not much trading in 2013 and the amounts risked were not high. if you asked me, it was just to satisfy my gambler's mood :-)

what about my outlook for 2014? again not much different than a year ago, i simply can't imagine the system out of governments, central banks, rating agencies and the like can manipulate the money supply, interest rates, inflation rates, value of currencies and markets (especially forex + bonds which are manipulated directly, the others like equities + gold + ... rather indirectly) any longer ... but you know what, let the famous trend forecaster gerald celente tell you his 2014 predictions:

good-bye 2013

dilemma: i have no motto for 2014 yet. should i use the old one further (mehr leben 2013 = to live more in 2013) or look for a new one? any ideas out there? any comments on my investment / trading strategies?
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