Thursday, December 19, 2013

TAFTA + TTIP = next North Atlantic Terror Organization

TAFTA = Transatlantic Free Trade Area
TTIP     = Transatlantic Trade and Investment Agreement
TPP      = Trans-Pacific Partnership

few basic issues in english first, german language videos next ...

if you asked me, this TAFTA / TTIP stuff is going to be the next North Atlantic Terror Organization (NATO). more precisely, some kind of a business-NATO, probably supported by the weapons of its big sister (military-)NATO in order to ensure world-wide economic supremacy and exclusion of others ...

why? because the major known key points are:
  • secret negotiations
  • no democratic representation
  • companies will be allowed to proceed against states in front of special (corporate controlled?) courts
  • lowering of current european standards
  • etc
  • read more detailed and more sophisticated presented information here
why would european countries and USA sign such an agreement? this is an easy one, my dears. it is like in the case of ESM, which secures all benefits for the banks and burdens all disadvantages to the 'sovereign' european states. THE STATES ARE OWNED and RULED by the BANKS and HUGE CORPORATIONS. is it as simple as that, my dears .... and as sad too :-(.
i have asked you before: what is the symbiosis of state and corporate powers called? no, it is not corporatism. it is fascism. just ask the star trend researcher gerald celente or wikipedia ...

ok, this is TAFTA / TTIP about:
source: here

friends, please let's unite and stop this madness ~ BITTE online petition unterschreiben, freunde & feinde informieren + mobilisieren, an kommenden protestaktionen teilnehemen, das verbrecherische transatlantische freihandelsabkommen stoppen usw usf #uswusf

so, jetzt paar deutsche videos dazu

#1, megakurz, 1:26,

#2, etwas länger, 7:48, das wesentliche mmn sehr gut erklärt, kann es leider nicht 'embedden'

more to come soon or never ...

addendum 26.01.2014: sooooo, nachdem ich auch noch heute eine veranstaltung bei den attacies im EWH über TAFTA / TTIP besucht habe (attac-winterschule 25.-26.01.2014), fällt mit zsfassend nur noch eins ein: dieses unsere zerstörerische system sollte man gar nicht mehr reparieren (und an symptomen wie TAFTA/TTIP herumdoktorn), sondern komplett abschaffen aka durch ein neues ersetzen … besser ist es :)
btw, eine attacuitos webseite hierzu (info- u. linksammlung):
und hier noch der flyer der attacuitos von der attac-winterschule über dieses thema:

what about the trans-pacific partnership (TPP)? not any different :-)
source + better to tread picture: here


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