Saturday, December 7, 2013

the right way?

many people concentrate on the bad things and not on the good things. unfortunately, me often as well. anyway, as the year 2013 comes to its end, let's think about things which are right :-)

3 good examples proven by iceland, finland, portugal ...
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more insights on iceland's pots and pans revolution (icelanders overthrow government and rewrite constitution after banking fraud): here

more to come soon or never ... and yes, at least this nice picture will not get lost :-)

i'm thinking how to add the win of GMO-opponents (march against monsanto events) in germany (thanks to jörg bergstedt and others there were no GMO plants planted in 2013) and some success stories about regional initiatives ... please be patient, my dears ...

jörg bergstedt's herrschaftsfreie welt: ein bereits funkionierendes beispiel? in der software industrie (wohl aufgrund der dort hohen gehälter, die schon bei paar wenigen arbeitstagen im monat die lebenskosten decken und den rest nutzen einige leute für 'gute sachen') gibt es open access + open source projekte wie z.b. LINUX, FIREFOX, WIKIPEDIA, wo es keine patente und ähnliches gibt, wo alles allen gehört und alle haben drauf zugriff und jede(r) die aktuelle lösung verbessern kann um sie so für allen besser zu machen ... eigentlich ganz einfach, oder? und ja, in so einer welt wäre geld überflüssig / nicht vorhanden, also ganz anders als die ständige in-wert-setzung von allem im kapitalismus ...
it is not difficult to know what the right approach is, just listen to eminem ... emimem would be a better name, wouldn't it?
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quite similar to this or not really, my dears?
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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
 Richard Buckminster Fuller
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an interesting social project in germany, where people can interact together in open spaces using a multifunctional cube shape it to different things like bridge, bench, children playing ground etc. WIRFEL (like würfel aka cube in german)

5 easy rules for life:
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