Tuesday, December 31, 2013

society model: open access + open source

friend, i still think about the small hobby village i've seen at our walk around the lakes in langwied yesterday. for more than 20 years it is this always open to all, there is some food, shelter, wood to make a bonfire, a library inside one of the always open tents? yes. if you asked me, it is a working society model, you know? open access + open source, it means everything belongs to all, also all of us care about it and share it wisely. something like linux, mozilla firefox, wikipedia ... it works, you know?
anarchists' tipiplatz / tipi-platz / tipi :-)
exchange of ideas

here is the official link to the open access + open source indio village tipi-platz in the western munich (langwied) and here are few more of my pictures taken yesterday

few more good societiy models or few nice examples?
more comes soon or never :)
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