Tuesday, December 31, 2013

silvester at lake wolfgangsee (austria)

well, our children are big enough and prefer to spend sylvester with their friend, so the best of all wives + me decided to spend few days at the beautiful lake wolfgangsee in the salzkammergut region of austria. we haven't been here before and just knew the former german chancellor helmut kohl used to spend here his summer holidays every year, so let's give the area a try :-)

even if i was booking very late, we've got a small nice hotel in st. gilgen (sankt gilgen). it looks both from outside and from inside like a gingerbread house, so we feel like hansel and gretel :-)

lake wolfgangsee from the west side
our gingerbread house

lake wolfgangsee
lake wolfgangsee, the schafberg mountain (1782 m) behind
as seen from zwölferhorn 1521m
schafberg 1782 m (sheep hill). looks like UFO landing strip, if you asked me  ... with many many sheople?
st. gilgen
hansel and gretel. what a decoration at the christmas markets in austria :-)
just bought my first traditional costume for the oktoberfest. the bavarians will not recognize that it is tyrolean, will they? lol

more pictures in my g+ album, i will sort / comment / delete few of them later and maybe change few if i should be able to see more sun tomorrow ...
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