Friday, October 21, 2011

quo vadis, libya?

folks, i've written few words abt the unfair western war against libya some time ago ... well, the former revolution leader and/or dictator, however we call him, muammar al-gaddafi and all(most?) of his sons were killed recently, so whats next? and who will get the libyan oil?
oil libya petrol station in marrakech / morocco

as for now, approx 90% of the oil profits gets libya, 10% the western oil companies ... its gonna change very soon, isnt it? what abt 95% for exxon, conoco, bp, shell, total & co and the remaining part for lybia? business as usual in africa, wouldnt u say?

whats my guess 4 libya? well, the USA + its small dirty NATO allies (North Atlantic TERROR Organisation, which is threatened by noone, but kills ten thousands [millions?] of people all over the world) will install a puppet government like in afghanistan, iraq, etc and then move to some other 'target' bringing death & suffering to some other people (in syria + iran?) just 2 keep the profits for western war industry running as always ... and yes, there will prolly be an ugly civil war in libya which will destroy everything the NATO bombs didnt destroyed yet and in the end will establish some highly religious islamic country, whose folks will hate us for few very good reasons and just wait for revenge .... 

and what abt the western taxpayer? he or she will have to pay billions and billions of dollars & €uros for decades in order to support the new puppet government and of course 2 support the libyan 'democracy' ... hmmmm, was it worth it and was there really nothing better we could do with our money, my dear? 

hell, how long will we accept that our corrupt politicians not only accomplished such a mess at home but also continue 2  kill innocent people all over the world? folks, lets #OccupyWallStreet, #OccupyMunich, #OccupyWorld & #OccupyTogether or lets start an another movement (if the #Occupy leaders turn into a wrong direction) which would give the power (back) to the public and would give our poor planet some hope :-)

source: facebook

shame on you USA+NATO+TheWEST! just look what did you destroyed in libya: swiss report

no war! never again!

addendum january 7th, 2012:
friends, ive cried as well .-( ... we must stop that madness ... we cant allow the 1% to kill innocent people all over the (muslim) world with our tax money => RonPaul2012 + #OccupyWallStreet + #OccupyTogether ...

addendum february 12th, 2012: the job in libya is finished, whats left is prolly only destruction, torture + plundering ( wanna really knew some sad details? Torture and Plundering: Libya’s Militias Run Wild -- News from

so whats next? syria? iran? both?

source: the occupyWallStreet group on facebook ... btw, wanna also join the worldwide protest against the current deadly political-military-complex?

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