Friday, May 29, 2009

commodities UP, UP, UP !!!

gold + silver + oil + gas jumped up a lot today! gold $1,500 soon?

GOOD-BYE fiat currencies!
GOOD-BYE reckless borrowing and spending (=> huuuuge deficits)!
GOOD-BYE corrupt governments!
GOOD-BYE small dirty central banks!
GOOD-BYE you dratted politicians!

btw, what do u think, how long will the folks out there believe in dollars, €uros, pounds and all the other shity paper currencies? which one of them will collapse first? i believe that in our today's connected world all of the 'major' currencies would join the already failed worthless currencies of all freaking history on the currency cemetery (a very hopeless place!) in a short period of few days or weeks ...

you can't print any gold, silver, prosperity, wealth and the like, you damned political morons !!! welcome 2 (hyper-)inflationary horror in the 1st place ... and finally welcome 2 gold standard :o)), welcome 2 honest economy, welcome 2 wealth based on work & savings, welcome 2 gentle handling of natural resources, ...
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