Saturday, May 16, 2009

linde ... AGM

folks, that was prolly my last annual general meeting for a while. i've attended 7 this year + the AGM season is over soon ;-)

what a difference to struggling bmw yesterday! linde achieved 2008 the best profit in 125+ years of company's history. it increased also the dividend to €1.8 (dividend yield 3%). linde sees the financial & economic crisis as a chance to improve processes + tries through clever acquisitions + investments (15% of earnings) to place the company for further growth in their 4 business areas: industrial gases + plant engineering & construction + energy + health care.

what else? i've missed some notebooks with unrestricted web access in order to check the stock-exchange movements + their impacts on my portflio. there was also 1 additional issue: the former bmw board member and today's linde CEO reitzle impressed me a lot! it was amazing how smart, authentic, optimistic and competent he presented the company's results + answered questions. i think linde is well positioned for profitable growth in the future => i do not need to worry about my investment + can just relaxed observe its fluctuations with or against the general stock market :o)

stocks bought recently:
  • excellon resources (Ag, Zn, Pb)
  • acadian mining (Au, Cu, Ag, Zn, Pb)
  • scorpio mining (Ag, Zn, Pb) - next addendum :-)
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