Saturday, May 30, 2009

great job again, dear PPT!

company earnigs fell by 90% and the like in Q1 2009 vs. stock prices rising since the low in march without any break? it's crazy, isn't it?

btw, who are the strange folks who buy DJIA futures in the last trading hour BEFORE loooong weekend as if there were no stocks next week? is it the plunge protection team (PPT)? o tempora, o mores!

is it a sustainable growth? i don't think so => do not forget to place some stop-loss-limits 'under' your shortly bought (common stocks) positions and secure your gains unless u believe in your stocks and their great future :o)

btw, i will not sell any of my gold/silver/commodity stocks purchased in the last few weeks & months. why? it is my inflation hedge as i strongly BELIEVE (yes, it's just a believe as i can't know the future either :o) that the unbelievable huuuuuge amounts of fiat money added by governments and their small dirty central banks to the 'system' recently will cause a unbelievable huuuuuge inflation soon. just watch what is the development of the prices of gold/silver/farm land/oil/ showing up ...

oh my goodness! why do we elect such stupid politicians? we earthlings are sooooo freaking doomed!
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