Tuesday, May 12, 2009

great gorilla guru (GG) won some bucks in cmc's traders contest :o)

folks, have u seen the great gorilla guru (my code name :) on the podium in the just finished cmc-markets's trader contest boersenrennen? no? well, i wasn't there and unfortunately i didn't won the nice audi sports car either :o(

well, there have been such a complete farce in my office job [~robert kiyosaki: job is a temporary solution to a long term problem!] since march that i wouldn't find any trader's mood to compete anyway ... yeaaah? what does that bullshit mean?

ok, let's explain it a little bit :-). that real money (!) contest started few weeks ago with the account size of 300 €uros. i've bought one mini-gold-CFD and one mini-oil-CFD on the very 1st day just minutes after midnight. yesterday i've got the email about the very end of that contests, opened my cmc platform again, sold my 2 CFDs (otherwise they would be sold by cmc markets @ 6 p.m. anyway) and finished with 333 €uros as gold + oil increased over that period moderate. folks, it's 11% in approx. 2 months! could be worse, isn't it? yep, but who was the winner? a guy/girl called Trader299 with an account size of approx. 19,300 €uros and with that damned audi car on top! congratulations, Trader299 ...

ps: on the very first day the leading trader won about 2,000 €uros

pps: i suppose the most attendees went bankrupt, lost their 300 €uros, but hopefully have learned a lot about money management, position sizing, emotions etc. and wouldn't trade like complete bozos with their highly leveraged CFD-accounts next time ...
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