Saturday, May 23, 2009

frustration shopping :o(

my purchases in the last few days:
  • acadian mining (Zn, Pb, Ag, Au) - huuuuge addendum to my existing positon because of very positive news flow. the company could reach a solution with its creditors concerning its major asset scotia zink mine ... but the share price didn't respond accordingly => who's wrong? the market or me? let's hope my opinion is right & the stock will double next week :o)
  • minco silver - new, complete frustration purchase as the share price increased by 440% since i've put that stock on my watch list in the most advantageous period (november 2008). nevertheless, the stock is still 50% down from its all-time-high (summer 2008), so there is still some upside potential, isn't it?
  • natural gas CFD (through my CFD trading account) - folks, i've removed my limit order, bought that position 'market', the price fell down below my limit, i've sworn like a crazy martian (f*cking hell and worse!). no additional comments!

btw, did i had soooo much money at my investing account? of course not! i've plundered the funds of last resort! folks, my soul is soooooooo freaking doomed! damned, f*cking hell ;o((

... update on 05/26/2009: what about my crazy investments 2 days later? minco silver is 20.3% down, gas 9.2% down and acadian mining is without any change :). hell, why am i such a stupid idiot?

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