Thursday, May 21, 2009

my portfolio +2.30% as gold / silver soared today :)

what else? well, my purchases in the last few days:
  • megastar development corp (Au, Zn, Cu - new, i've met the personable slovakian CEO of that canadian micro company about a year ago in munich. let's 'move' that stock from my watch list into my portfolio. btw, read this news text from company's website: ...
    Megastar Development Corporation (the “Company”) (TSX-V: MDV; Frankfurt: M5Q) is pleased to report that between February 1 - 18, 2009, the company President and CEO Dusan Berka has acquired 113,000 common shares of the Company at prices between $0.045 - $0.065 per share through the facilities of the TSX Venture Exchange, directly and indirectly. ... and so on ... Mr. Berka currently directly and indirectly owns and controls a total of 3,084,000 common shares of the Company, which represents 10.3% of the current issued shares of the Company (as at February 18, 2009). ...... well, if the CEO buys additional shares more expensive than me, it should turn to a relaxed, profitable, super-duper investment for me! why did i bought just 7,000 shares instead of originally planned 10,000? hmmmm, basically because megastar is a highly illiquid stock and the spread on german stock-exchange compared to canadian price was about 15-20% which is simply too much. hopefully there will be an opportunity again where i will have both, some money available AND reasonable buyer's price in germany as with my broker i can just order TSX stocks in canada directly but not (smaller) TSX-V stocks.
  • oil call warrant (DE000GS1T2M2) - initial position increased
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