Monday, May 18, 2009

rich dad, poor dad (robert kiyosaki)

folks, i've just finished reading kiyosaki's rich dad, poor dad ......... it was GREAT !!!

when will YOU become financially independent? when will YOU escape from the rat race (work, taxes, bills, no money left, work, taxes, bills, ...)? AND WHEN ME ??? a good question, isn't it? ASAP is prolly the best answer for both of us, right?

some major issues:
  • think, think, think!
  • work 2 learn - do not work 4 money - let money work 4 u :-)
  • JOB = just over broke
  • earn more than u spend
  • understand difference between assets & liabilities! btw, what category belongs your house/car to?
  • BUY income generating ASSETS (= the only rule to riches :-)
  • cashflow !!!
  • buy luxuries last = buy luxuries when your assets column provided enough income to afford them
  • reinvest earnings from your assets column into your assets column again ... income => more income ...
  • the power of corporations ... start your own business (lower taxes, [business] expenses with pre-tax money, ...)
  • choose yr friends carefully (insiders 4 stock market infos :)
  • real estate? hmmmmmm ... should i take a class where i would learn how to buy real estate on foreclosures (buy from banks & attorneys instead of owners / brokers ?)
  • make offers, someone may say "yes"
  • learn from history
  • do not say "i can't afford it!". say "how can i afford it?" instead
  • do not play it safe! play it SMART !!!
  • action is better than inaction => act now :-)
  • and much more ...
of course, do not miss robert kiyosaki's formulation either :-) ... and pls skip the boring introduction, there is one single idea carried out over 5+ pages ...

btw, best luck for everyone who will try it :O)

addendum, video 2008, god's money (gold + silver) vs. men made money (paper),

predictions 2014:

last burt not least, a picture :-)



All About Women said...

i've read this book long time ago and its is true that on 2010 there will be clobal crisis and only 2 country can survive which is india and china.

jaro gruber said...

hi nurul,

how are u? everything going right for you?

did u like that book? i liked kiyosakis easy to read + humorous approach a lot :-).

maybe will the global crisis 'arrive' even sooner, isnt't it? prolly in autumn 2009? will there be a huuuuge monetary reform as USD & its small dirty buddy €UR collapse?

... but the folks out there will fight back and build up the economy again ... and hopefully not just in china + india :-).

greetings from munich :o),