Sunday, May 31, 2009

current CFD account size € 2,844

my open positions:
  • 5 x natural gas
  • 2 x silver
  • 2 x orange juice
folks, this year is quite successful: +559 €uros i.e. +24.5% :-))

hmmmm, what is my secret formula? well, u will be disappointed if u knew the truth ... ehhhhmmmmm ....

.... uggggghhhh ....

... ...

... here we go! because of the complete farce in my office job i do not really have the time to trade. i don't have the proper mood either, so i just open few commodity positions at unbelievable low levels and let them run. last but not least i often do not have a stop-loss-limit in the market! sorry for that, my dear larry w. :o)
unlike last year my account size is much higher and so is the margin coverage => therefore i do not get wiped out by smallest market noise. and yes, my positions are still small enough (compared to account size, see the key numbers below) so the margin coverage shouldn't become a problem anyway => yes, i could learn at least from my last year's losses :o))

some key numbers about my CFD positions:
total amount of open positions: ca. $ 6,900
margin requirements: € 103 (silver 1%, o-juice & gas 3%)
account balance: € 2,844
free (idle!) capital: € 2,741

~ folks, this high margin coverage allows me to sleep well at night! i also do not worry about the usual ups and downs of mr. market! my goal is to 'catch' some bigger uptrend in few commodities without being kicked out by a weak day or two. any downsize risk? yes, my commodities could fall in price significantly, but they will not become worthless, will they?
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