Monday, October 3, 2011

a nice day in the alps

after a failed attempt to climb up a hill with 2 out of my 3 girls, we have visited 3 beautiful lakes on the road: tegernsee (bavaria / germany), achensee (tyrol / austria), sylvensteinsee (bavaria / germany ~ munich's drinking water reservoir).

yes, ive drunk 2 1/2 maß beer (2.5 litres) at  oktoberfest  yesterday, thus i couldnt sleep well at night and woke up early. hmmmm, my wife and youngest daughter were awake as well, so we have spontaneous decided to wander in the nearby alps ... a good idea u woudda say? yes, but only for better trained and more healthy hikers than us ... well, after 30-40 minutes of climbing up the knee problems of my wife forced us to come back ... its pity but not the end of a nice sunny day with an outside temperature of above 20 degrees celsius, u know? we continued to austria and there ive not only moved above the green + ice cold surface of the lake achensee by a rented boat, but also jumped in at 15 degrees celsius as ive saw 3 other folks and 1 dog doing the same :-) ... it is october and late autumn in germany and we are expecting the 1st snow of the season next week ...

of course, there was a traffic on the way back to munich, it was a holiday in germany (western + eastern germany united few years ago, u remember that, doesnt u?) and a really nice sunny day ... it was hard to keep our daughter busy, so we have tried some mind games but nothing worked long enough ... suddenly ive got an idea! i just told her to count how much money would jesus (or his successors) have 2day if his parents saved 1 €uro (dollar, cent, swiss frank, whatever u like) at his birth and arranged a fixed interest rate of 5% ... hmmmm, clever me, wudda u say? just imagine, 2011 years times 5%, thats quite a bit of computing, my dear ... btw, do u have the answer yet? or at least a clue how big that number is? well, after some trials and approx 3 minutes of thinking our 13 years old pain in the neck came up with ... with ... with the formula! OMD! well, i gonna tell ya the solution, but did u get the number by yourself as well?

of course, than ive tried to explain her that no monetary system based on compound interest can survive too long in a finite world which planet earth unquestionably is and we have tried to compute how many earths of gold would that amount of money buy, but then we had no idea abt the weight of the earth and i only had the last friday's price of gold in mind (who knows if gold is still worth anything this monday, lol), so we just stopped there. anyway, all of us are sure that dollar, €uro, frank, yen and all their paper buddies gonna collapse at some time down the road ...

wanna few trip pics? sure, pls move here

ok, lets honor my promise ... if u dont have the $$ value of jesus' bank account yet, u will never try 2 compute it by yourself i guess ...

here is the formula: (1 + 0.05) 2011 = approx 4 × 1042 dollars, €uros, etc ... quite a number, isnt it?

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