Saturday, October 15, 2011

long night of munich's museums

the good old days ;-)

well, once again the children came up with a great idea to join the long night of munich's museums (lange nacht der museen), so we have broken out for the old city center. yes, after 20+ years in munich ive attended a guided tour through the old streets, heard stories ive never heard before, seen places ive never seen before, visited 2 museums (beer & city museum), drunk the 1st hot wine punch of this winter season ... a nice night, indeed :-)

what abt few pics for the fans of dark streets and old stuff? yep, here we go ;o)

btw, next year i will try to attend again and choose some other guided tour and visit some other museums and probably also ride the historic tram if they'll bring it out of the transport museum again ;-)

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