Sunday, October 2, 2011

shame on german politicians!

our stupid & ignorant politicians ;-( ... the questions are abt EFSF ~ financial support package for weak €uropean countries, germany's share is 211 billion €uros which we have to borrow cos like all other western €uro-pean countries also germany has no reserves at all .... ~ it is the most important (i.e. the most costly) decision in the current administration period and they even dont know the numbers, the impact, the issue ... and they have the power 2 decide abt OUR money, OUR future, abt war & peace, abt OUR climate and the ongoing environmental destruction of OUR planet ... heya folks, how long wanna we accept that? ... lets send all these stupid puppets to hell .... and let the people decide abt all important issues (the internet would allow an easy + fast referendum process i think) ... shame on you bundestag, shame on you again ...

verdammt, diese (von uns gewählten) volksverRÄter entscheiden über unser geld, unsere zukunft, krieg + frieden, umweltzerstörung usw ... hmmmmm, wie lange lassen wir es uns noch gefallen?
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