Monday, October 24, 2011

salzburg / austria

the best of all wives and me have just spent 2 days in salzburg ("salt-castle" or mozart-city???), austria => great! yes, salt made this city rich and the riches made all that buildings possible which 2day provide salzburg the status of unesco's world cultural heritage ... simply salt, hmmmm :-)

my crazy wife has visited an (esoteric) healing seminar by richard bartlett. what abt me? well, on day #1 ive been in the most streets, churches, hills, castles of salzburg i believe ... i was sorry i couldnt meet mozart, prolly he is already dead ..... anyway, my feet hurt like hell .... but what to do tomorrow? no, im not going to run all that hills up and down again, no way! ----- well, i would prolly like to see the hellbrunn castle ... or shoudda try the bars tomorrow? or go outside the city? hmmmmm, any idea(s) out there?

well, my friends suggested i should eat as many mozartkugels / mozart balls as possible, but ive decided 2 do completely different:
  • hellbrunn castle ~ very very nice gardens, water / fountains, sculptures, inner architecture (rooms / paintings) as seen in the brochures cos i didnt like to visit the main attractions ZOO + the inside exhibition of this beautiful maison de plaisance 2day. why? my goal were the nearby alps ;-)
  • salt mine in bad dürrnberg ~ already the celts produced salt inside these hills! as there was not much else what could be used to preserve the food in the pre-refrigerator-era, salt was precious and costly for centuries (“white gold”). many centuries later, in the medieval age, there was already a mass production of salt via the leaching 'technology'. wanna more details? follow the museum-link ... imho is this museum a great new experience for those who havent been in a (salt) mine yet (like the one in bad reichenhall / germany) and on top a great opportunity to enter bavaria / germany without passport underground ;-)
  • celtic village ~ space filler instead of waiting 30 minutes for the salt mine guided tour, the ticket was included in the price of the salt mine visit and so were the hallein's museums later in the afternoon
  • lunch in bavaria ~ much better beer than in austria, just think abt the oktoberfest, my dear :-)
  • obersalzberg ~ i didnt like the spirit there and of course didnt visit hitlers eagle nest (kehlsteinheim) or the exhibition .... it would for sure depress me a lot, i see no reason 2 carry that feelings with me
  • hallein ~ a small city on the salzach river, celtic museum, the museum of "Silent Night" (German: "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht") ~ a xmas carol composed by franz xaver gruber in 1818 .... hmmmm, do u think this guy and me are some kind of relatives and i could market that song in some way or the other? lol
  • salzburg ~ traffic jam

more pictures? here we go 2 my picasa-album (i hope u will enjoy this foto album even if the zoom function of my camara was broken :-)
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