Wednesday, October 26, 2011

when will fiat (paper) money crash?

of course, the whole western world is already bankrupt but it still can afford to bomb iraq, afghanistan, libya ... and subsidy nuclear energy + banks + bionergy + many other planet destroying stuff ;-(. folks, lets stop it ASAP!

wanna see how bankrupt e.g. the USA is? just see the u.s. budget compared to a household budget below ...

=> the usa is bankrupt, no doubts ... but when will the system collapse? it seems to be a difficult question, but it isnt. many complicated looking things have an easy solution if we concentrate on the essentials, believe me ;-)

1st im gonna tell ya few don'ts:
  • dont follow the political comedy surrounding fiat money
  • dont try 2 remember the phony names and volume numbers of alll these 'rescue packages' out there 
  • dont care abt the ratings by moody's, S&P, fitch, ...
  • dont waste own time with reading / researching / writing abt paper money issues (you should prolly stop reading here and start doing the right stuff, shouldn't you? lol)
  • dont waste other people's time speaking / writing abt paper money issues 
  • dont keep any serious money in your bank account(s)
  • etc

2nd the stuff we definitely should do:
  • wear our fastest sneakers and run to the nearest ATM / bank / insurance in order 2 withdraw as much money as possible
  • buy real stuff (gold, silver, real estate, food, ...)
  • fire paper money as we germans did in 1923 
  • throw paper money away as hungarians did in 1946 
  • change the current politics via #OccupyWallStreet + #unitedforglobalchange or some other public movement
  • sleep well cos we knew we did the right things
  • etc

EASY, u see?

whats the good thing abt this ongoing (!) change of the collective consciousness regarding fiat money? well, in order to change the currrent fraudulent paper money system we dont need 2 'convert' all folks out there ... a so called criticall mass is enough .... thx goodness :-)

ready? steady? GO! go gold bugs go! ... and silver bugs as well :-)

go for the real things in life (not only in the financial markets)
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