Saturday, October 1, 2011

how i met her mother

munich is sooo beautiful! ive just spent a nice day with my youngest daughter ... showed her many of the places where ive lived, learned and loved 20 years ago ... basically places where the best of all wives and myself used to visit with our eldest daughter ... schwabing, one of the old city parts in the north of the centre ~ my old student dorm, university, library ive used to learn 4 the exams, the english garden, few pubs on the way i spent hours and hours in, many old nice houses, had lunch at seehaus (=the always full lake view beer garden in the english garden), rented a boat, ... and yes, ive told her a lot abt the time before she came 2 planet earth ... well, im tired now and happy :-)

as always, few more pics at picasa, 2days trip starts at picture #17

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