Saturday, October 6, 2012

richard branson? a virgin like entrepreneur :-)

source: here

friends, instead of completing my stock trading statistics i've spent much time experimenting (=reading) my google+ / google reader data flow for the very first time .... and you know what? i'm happy about that, my dears? why? well, among all my g+ friends (or do we call them circles?) was beside some real life friends and folks like einstein and dalai lama also richard branson, the the founder of the virgin group of companies  (music, airlines, telephone, food, travel, money, games, ...)

hell, was that both an inspiring and interesting reading :-). there was a lot about entrepreneurship, joy, charity, saving animals / nature, fairness, having fun and yes, especially about improving people's lives ... if you can, just follow him on twitter, google+, facebook ... and help to change the world :-)

quote: "Running a business is making a difference in people's lives," said Richard Branson at the Nordic Business Forum. Here is an infographic sharing the best tips from the Virgin Founder's speech at the event in Finland. 

source: here

yep, entrepreneurs + businesses (+ technology) improve people's lives, not politicians, governments, bureaucrats, soldiers and the like ...
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