Thursday, October 11, 2012

tuna can factor investment strategies ~ thunfischdosenfaktor

folks, i've just finished reading michael rehberger's 40 pages e-book 'thunfischdosenfaktor' about investment strategies in a sovereign debt crisis environment ... i.e. strategies which should outlast both a monetary reform & state bankruptcies in the near future. hell, why tuna cans? just think about it for a moment, my dears ;-)
source of the picture + free download of the e-book:

any quick wins? yep, here is the summary:
source: here

what's your opinion? damn, you wouldn't expect that precious timber is a higher safety rated investment than gold, would you? of course, don't forget the inflation & deflation monsters, did you already?

coming soon or never: my insights on the subject :-O)
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