Sunday, October 21, 2012

karwendel massif in the bavarian alps + mittenwald + 3 beautiful lakes

ferchensee + the wetterstein massif behind it

a buddy of mine told me this weekend is the last warm sunny time of this year and if we believe in maya calender or in destructive power of the u.s. army then probably forever ... so yes, we have spent a nice day in the beautiful bavarian alps, in the mittenwald region ...

well, we have seen the karwendel massif, 3 mountains lakes (schmalensee, lautersee, ferchensee), spent some time in the mountain village mittenwald and eat one of the best ice creams in our lives in the italian cafe over there ... but you know what? do not remind me on our way back, we have spent at least an hour in traffic jam ... maybe because many other folks had the same idea as we have had :-)

mittenwald + the karwendel massif behind it

hell, a picture says more tham thousand words, so let's move to the PICTURES (few initial pics already online, few more + my blah-blah coming soon, promised :-)

and yes, if you want to enjoy more of the beautiful bavarian countryside, just visit my old 'sightseeing' blog post HERE :-O)
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