Thursday, October 11, 2012

#13O, october 13, #unitedforglobalchange

addendum #15O: my full speech from saturday wearing my "save the planet" superman t-shirt recorderd by a buddy of mine ;o)

me at youtube (jaro@youtube

next worldwide action day for global change called by the OccupyWallSteet & RealDemocracyNow movements is coming closer and closer. my dears, a better world is possible, so let's crash the fraudulent financial-military complex asap => SEE YOU IN THE STREETS ON SATURDAY :-))

OccupyWallStreet + OccupyYourStreet + OccupyTogether :-)

source: EDJ münchen website / please download and share it :-)

here few useful links
of course, i have uploaded few pictures (+ videos?) after the event on saturday, as i have promised you earlier ;o=)

damn, if there will be again only few of us in munich, so probably because we humans tend to think only on ourselves and yes, we are still fine in germany ... hell, hell, hell, i just fear if we don't protest and change the system now, it could be too late soon as there is no planet B out there, you know?

wozu sollte die masse der deutschen protestieren, wenn sie historisch gesehen doch in der besten aller welten lebt? längste lebenszeit, kürzeste arbeitszeit, längster urlaub, wohl mehr als 1 auto pro familie, haufen kohle, sogar studenten haben oft autos und fahren jedes jahr in urlaub ans mehr ... wäre früher nicht einmal für den adel denkbar / machbar, stimmt's?

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