Sunday, July 5, 2009

cheaper than expected vacation => some funds 4 gold/silver available soon?

folks, folks, folks! my wife has booked our summer holidays now ... and the winner is ... is ... bali /indonesia :o). well, i'm looking forward to spend 3 weeks in south-east asia again (have been to thailand many years ago). komodo dragons, we are coming soon!

it was much cheaper than expected! pls, don't ask me with how many 'stars' was our vacation cottage rated, ok? btw, our eldest daughter proposed to contribute some money to our family's vacation cash-box just in order to allow us to choose a more interesting holiday destination than the usual mediterranean sea. what a child, isn't it? ... do i understand this situation correctly if i hope that there could be some funds left 4 additional addendum 2 our gold/silver stocks soon?

let's think how to invest 1,000 - 2,000 €uros in our commodity / hard assets column As Smart As Possible (=: asap, or more precisely my investing based redefinition of that famous acronym :-). what about physical silver, silver-ETFs, commodity stocks, renewable energy, nanotechnology ... any suggestions yet?

btw, do you also feel that komodo sounds exact the same as commoditities :D ... hmmm, is that a hint of fate 2 buy more commodities, isn't it?
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