Friday, July 31, 2009

quo vadis, homo sapiens financialis?

there were 2 baaaad 'red ink' days in a row 4 commodity bulls, but the market (IMO toooo much USD-strength-oriented) turned in a different direction today and eliminated biggest part of recent losses again .... my portfolio is +1.89%, better than the overall stock market ...

btw, the stock-markets are sooo strange ... going few points higher, than few points down and then higher again ... folks,
isn't it like a man walking with his dog? sometimes is the dog in front, sometimes the man, but they always go in the same direction ... (oh dear! my stupid interned & stock-exchange addicted brain cannot remember who used that phrase 1st... graham, buffett, kostolanyi? who cares? the prices will go their own way anyway, with or without the leash ...)

damned hell, i hope my portfolio will go up a lot in the long run!!!

what about bravo venture? vg gold? well, my recent acquisitions advanced +20% today ... hmmmmm, we know there is still a strange hysteria in vg gold stock, but is strange coming up at bravo too? let's look at company's news (Bravo Venture Group Inc.: Drilling Underway at Homestake Ridge 2:16 PM ET, July 27, 2009: Bravo plans an aggressive +$5.0 million drilling program consisting of approximately 8,500 metres in up to 40 drill holes. Bravo anticipates an approximate 70-day field season, which should conclude in October. ...). well, that's nothing special, gold explorer have to drill 4 gold ... and the stock didn't do much on July 28, 2009 either ... but who knows?

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