Monday, July 20, 2009

bought some more natural gas ... and sold orange juice

folks, i've increased my long position just now a little bit at $3.69 ... it's still cheap enough, isn't it?
it quotes @ $3.64 now, my next buy limits are set to $3.33 and $3.13, but i do not really think we will see that price again ... [30 minutes later] ... folks, it's soooo late in munich, i'm going to bed now, gas quotes @ $3.69 as the USD is falling against the €UR slightly and all (so early) traded commodities (gold, silver, oil, gas, ...) are slighlty rising in their USD notations... do u call that a zero-sum-game 4 europeans, don't u?

btw, i would like to buy also wheat @ about $500 - $530, but (for my security needs) my trading account is not capitalized accordingly, so let's stick 2 silver, o-juice, gas + coffee ...

ps: got some orange juice & coffee today?

addendum december 7, 2009: natural gas is +8.31% today ... read my 2 happy comments below :-)

pps: update march 17, 2010: #jarosells orange juice (or see comment #3 below)
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