Monday, July 20, 2009

bought some more natural gas ... and sold orange juice

folks, i've increased my long position just now a little bit at $3.69 ... it's still cheap enough, isn't it?
it quotes @ $3.64 now, my next buy limits are set to $3.33 and $3.13, but i do not really think we will see that price again ... [30 minutes later] ... folks, it's soooo late in munich, i'm going to bed now, gas quotes @ $3.69 as the USD is falling against the €UR slightly and all (so early) traded commodities (gold, silver, oil, gas, ...) are slighlty rising in their USD notations... do u call that a zero-sum-game 4 europeans, don't u?

btw, i would like to buy also wheat @ about $500 - $530, but (for my security needs) my trading account is not capitalized accordingly, so let's stick 2 silver, o-juice, gas + coffee ...

ps: got some orange juice & coffee today?

addendum december 7, 2009: natural gas is +8.31% today ... read my 2 happy comments below :-)

pps: update march 17, 2010: #jarosells orange juice (or see comment #3 below)


jaro gruber said...

folks, is it really true? my biggest money loser (yep, i hate natural gas!) is +8.31% today???

i hope it should offset my today's losses in silver, wheat, corn COMBINED ... and there is still some coffee + orange juice in my trading account which are up today +3.71% and +2.55% respectively ...

damned hell!!! my primary computer is still out of order (graphical board is gone), so i have no direct access 2 my trading platform and have 2 wait for the daily P/L email from my broker :-( ... btw, i think my trading account is still 1,000 €uros down from its record highs in september and i'm a little bit more leveraged now because i've increased my silver + natural gas positions since then ...

jaro gruber said...


you see, this trading-game cannot be called daytrading, trading4living or the like ... lol ...

i even leave 3 weeks on vacation without closing my open positions, you know? why? well, i try 2 capitalize my trading account accordingly so the should be no margin calls after few weak days on the markets ... and on top i still believe in the INFLATIONARY HARD ASSESTS RALLY as i have posted soooo many times in the last few months

jaro gruber said...

#jarosells orange juice
well, 1 out of 4 orange juice CFD contracts reached its stop-loss-limit 2day and leaved my trading account @ $147.3

hell, that was a hard work to find the corresponding buy order! OMG, i had to go back to june 2009 in order 2 find that entry:

15.06.2009 ~ orange juice ~ $79.5

i guess tomorrow will my next o-juice contract say bye-bye, jaro, thats was with us, i have 2 go ... why? well, the next sell-limit order waits @ 145.2 .... hmmm, the corresponding buy order?

09.06.2009 ~ orange juice ~ $86.4

folks, pls dont laugh too loud abt me, i call that TRADING, u know? a stress-free trading despite a leverage of 33.3 (i.e. 3% margin), of course

lessons learned:
#1: dont be a stupid idiot next time! buy 1,000 damned contracts instead of one if the price is sooooo freaking low!

#2: dont bother & blame yourself calculating any profit/loss as u will never ever find out the roll-over-costs of the corresponding contango-quoted orange juice futures contracts + the corresponding usd/eur exchange rates + put that puzzle together + get any result, so what?

#3: try to remember #1 as long as possible :-)

ps: i swear all the time abt collapsed natural gas price (current quote = $4.27), but look in the original blog post => i got that damned gas fair below $4 ... but there are the stupid contango-rolling-costs every month, of course ....