Wednesday, July 22, 2009

rob mcewen invests in vg gold => +126.92% today!

crazy gold explorer stocks!

folks, u know rob mcewen? yes? fine! no? also fine, just imagine the 'warren buffett' of the gold market 

folks, pls tell me how stupid the homo sapiens finacialis is? yesterday no one liked my struggling portfolio position – vedron gold (renamed 2 vg gold recently), today is there a buying orgy as if there were no stocks tomorrow! the stock is +126.92% just now and sells @ CAD 0.295 … hmmmmm, didn’t the folks read that rob mcewen's lexam explorations paid just CAD 0.08 per vedron's share? will the price fall to CAD 0.08 later on? ... 5 hours later ... vedron closed @CAD 0.255 (+96.15%), the volume was 3,642,169 stocks. what about the avg. volume? would u like to guess? .......... just 47,300 stocks a day .... crazy homo sapiens finacialis!

thx goodness i’ve increased my stake in vedron gold in may by approx. 60%. not bad jaro, not baaaaaaad at aaaaaaaall, yabbadabbadooo 
damned hell, why didn’t tweet rob that message to me before informing all these media guys? and when will he invest also in my other struggling (nevada based!) gold explorers/miners like bravo ventures, coral gold, miranda gold, … and when will he increase his own stake in u.s. gold 2 help his weak performing stock also gain +126.92% in a single day?

btw, 3 years ago (march 5, 2006), he announced to take-over 4 (nevada based) gold companies and bought 3 of them actually (nevada pacific gold + white knight resources + tone resources) … he also bought a major part of minera andes (@ CAD 1, current price CAD 0.83) recently, so let’s hope his appetite 4 gold stocks isn’t satisfied yet ... good luck, rob 

ps: lexam explorations (one of mcewen's companies and the actual buyer of vedron's stock) is +35.71% today (maybe is their vedron investment at current price more worth than lexam itself - let's check the numbers later o). well, it's also nice 4 my portfolio even if lexam is still 50% down compared to my purchase price in summer 2007 (far before the october 2008 crash for most metal explorer stocks have destroyed sooo many dreams). btw, mcewen's flagship us gold is +2.33% today.

pps: folks, you still remember my comments about rob mcewen in my blog post concerning the gold-dow-ratio (
Posted 07-19-2009), don’t u? 

ps: 2 read the whole discussion, pls go informedtrades.

pps: folks, i do feel like if bravo venture could be the next take-over target ... wanna read more ? oki, pls follow here

addendum april 12, 2010: king world news interviewed rob mcewen on april 10, 2010 ... wanna hear the interview? pls go here :-)
In this interview Rob discusses the disastrous course of US policy, the possibility of hyperinflation in the US, consolidation in the mining sector, the coming explosive mania that will send gold skyrocketing in price and much more.

addendum november 5th, 2010: folks, ive met rob mcewen @ the precious metals fair in munich ... he was the key speaker of the conference, so i will prolly post some insights in my planned blog abt the event tomorrow or on sunday. just to let you know that (in his opinion) the time for buying gold/silver & mining stocks isnt over yet as he still sticks to the dow-gold-ratio in order 2 see when there is time for other opportunities than gold in the markets 

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