Tuesday, July 14, 2009

damned hell, what happened 2 my trading & investing?

folks, there are sooooo many reasons why i do not trade / invest / follow the markets / write / ... as before!
  • first of
  • all, i do follow social media websites like twitter, facebook, xing, youtube etc. soooo often and soooo long that i simply do not have much time left
  • i've already invested all available money in the last few months / weeks. btw, my last stock purchase was the exercise of my rio tinto warrants on july 1st. well, there are no additional investment funds currently and i'm also not going 2 sell my gold / silver / green energy / commodity / technology stocks yet ... why not? hmmmmm, i'm waiting till the DJIA will quote @ about 1 or 2 oz gold. 'cos the DJIA/gold ratio fell just bellow 9 recently it could take some more time, couldn't it?
  • i still haven't found any peace of mind because of soooo much nonsense & injustice in my daily office job (i'm a software developer, u still remember that?)
  • i do know that i'm not the super-duper talented market timer so i do not try to do much noise in my CFD trading account anyway ... i hope i have a comfortable margin coverage now (approx. 2,000 €uros) so i just add 2 my commodity positions like silver / natural gas / sugar / orange juice / coffee if i believe the prices are damned low ... and in the most cases the damned prices become even lower so i buy even more of that stuff ... did i read too much about jim rogers lately?
  • i do not use to sit so many hours in front of my pc as before
  • folks, is it prolly a combination of all of that? who knows
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